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2024 Solo Competition

We are pleased to offer our first ever STC Solo Competition sponsored by Griego Mouthpieces.

The STC Solo Competition is comprised of both a Tenor and Bass category. Based on a recorded audition video, the top 3 candidates in each the Tenor and Bass categories will be invited to attend the STC at their own expense to participate in the live final round on Wednesday, August 7th, 2024. Finalists will be judged by a panel comprised of our Faculty members and Guest Artists and will receive individual comments from all four judges. The winner of each category will receive a free mouthpiece of their choosing courtesy of Griego Mouthpieces as a prize.


You need not apply as a Participant in order to be considered for this competition.

Audition Recordings due: April 15th, 2024

Non-refundable Application Fee: $25 

Piano accompaniment is NOT required.

Age limitations: 18-35 years old as of August 1

The piece listed is for both the recorded round and the live final round.

Tenor Trombone Category Solo:

  • C. Saint-Saens: Cavatine

Bass Trombone Category Solo:

  • A. Lebedev: Concerto in One Movement (ed. Hoffmeister)

Click HERE to Apply

Recording Guidelines:

  • All recordings must be in VIDEO format, be uploaded to YouTube, and submitted via link in the Online Application Form.

  • Accompaniment is not required.

  • Each piece is to be recorded separately. Do not record all pieces together or join them together in 1 video.

  • Each piece is to be recorded in one continuous take from beginning to end.

  • There is to be absolutely no editing of any audio or video submitted in your application. Editing is defined as any alteration to the recorded performance from the first to the last note of each selection. (It is permitted and advisable to trim the beginning or end of each file, i.e. before the music begins or after it concludes.)

  • Recording must be recorded from a single position (i.e., no separate microphones for ambiance, etc). Video should also be recorded from a single, uninterrupted camera angle (no zooming, panning, or cuts.)

  • Dress in a conservative/professional manner, as visual impact is part of the overall presentation.

  • Candidate should be continuously visible throughout the entire performance.

  • No written signs, nametags or other written material visible in video entries.

  • Submissions should have audio and video properly synced. Out-of-sync audio and video may be considered grounds for disqualification.

For further questions, please contact us.

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