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Elevate Your Chops

July 27-30, 2021

What's new in 2021?

8 Solo Masterclasses

  • 2 1-hour Masterclasses with each of our 4 Faculty members

Performance Anxiety Workshop

  • with guest presenter Angela Onstad

Morning Yoga and Meditation Sessions

  • Daily Pre-warm ups designed to improve your playing before touching the horn.

All New Online Components!

  • Attend select events at The Summit from the comfort of home, wherever you are in the world!

Updated Application Process!

  • Enjoy our new and easier to use Application form.


Panel Discussions

We invite you to lead the conversation and ask us your questions


Warmup Classes

Unique Warmups including yoga and meditations to start off each day


Daily Masterclasses

2 1-hour Masterclasses with each of our Faculty Members

Summit Online

Can't make it to the Summit this year? We'll be live-streaming select events at Summit 2021 on YouTube. Discover more about what we'll be streaming and how to attend, here.

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